Kwaw Kesse fires shots at musicians who act bossy after hitting 1 million views on social media

The controversial rapper, Kwaw Kesse has fired shots at some of his colleagues who act all bossy and arrogant after hitting 1 million views.

In a 14 seconds video sited by gossips24 the rapper who looked agitated seemed to have a lot of issues with some of his colleagues who have grown wings and are forgetting their past due to a million views . He described their action of not returning calls as pathetic and not mature.

In a rather skeptical way, Kwaw Kesse said some of them don’t even return calls anymore as though 1 million views puts food on the table. He added that they act all bossy, meanwhile drive Elantra, describing it as pathetic. Kwaw is obviously all heated up and ready for a beef.

Read language in post below;

“Ghana artistes, you get million views n))r them dey call u saf  u no dey pick. Kw*sia! Million views it be equal to million cedis? Your million views all it be Elantra you dey ride.”

Watch video below.


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