Kumawood Actor who Celebrated His Birthday At Cemetery Reveals He’s Having Nightmares 

Actor Samuel Nkansah, known widely as Remes Kay, has explained his decision to celebrate attaining a new age at a cemetery.

The Kumawood actor most recently trended after a video emerged of him celebrating his birthday at a burial ground, with loved ones in attendance.

In an exclusive interview, the actor disclosed that the idea behind his viral birthday celebration was to send a message to Ghanaians that birthdays are not only about marking new milestones but a reminder that one is growing.

Besides celebrating one’s new age, the actor said birthdays come to remind people that death is fast approaching.

Remes Kay, however, revealed that life has never been the same after the cemetery birthday celebration.

”I’ve been having strange dreams; something like nightmares,” he said while recounting the dream. He further talked about what he saw after his girlfriend collapsed when he was about to propose to her during the birthday ceremony.

‘I didn’t want to talk about this incident, but then I want people out there to pray for me and support me.

When the birthday was ongoing, I removed a ring to propose to my girlfriend, but when I knelt and asked her to be my wife, at once she closed her eyes and put her hand on her heart.

”I was waiting for her to say ‘yes or no’ but when she placed her hand on her chest, the next I saw was that she had collapsed,” he said.

Watch the video below;

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