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Kufour ‘not pained that they were not the best of friends before Mr Rawlings death’- Dr. Adubofuor

Dr. Kwabena Osei Adubofuor, assistant to Ex-President, John Agyekum Kufuor says Kufuor cannot be blamed for the tensed relationship between him and the late Jerry Rawlings and is not pained that the latter did not make peace with him before dying.

Despite revealing this, Dr. Adubofuor mentioned that Kufuor was disturbed and shocked at the sudden death of Rawlings.

According to him, even though they were not friends, their relationship got a little better.

There’s been a marked improvement in the relationship between the two ex-President since the NPP assumed power in 2017. We don’t hear Mr Rawlings making baseless accusations against Mr Kufour and calling him names as he used to do. We all know the good relationship that existed between current President Akufo Addo and Mr Rawlings in the past few years. I’m sure that is responsible for the improved relationship between Mr Rawlings and Kufour. There was no more bad blood between the two, the relationship was cordial before Mr. Rawlings death.

“The bad blood between the two was no fault of Mr Kufuor, he did what he could to ensure that the relationship between them would be cordial and so he’s not pained that they were not the best of friends before Mr Rawlings death,” Dr. Kwabena Osei Adubofuor said in an interview on Kasapa FM.

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