I have stopped acting – Actor Koo Fori reveals

Actor Seth Kwabena Kyere Karikari, popularly known as Koo Fori, one of the few people who made one of Ghana’s greatest TV shows, “Efiewura”, a household name has disclosed on the ‘Celebrity Ride with Zionfelix’ show that he decided to quit acting in feature films.

Koo Fori explained that he made this decision because some of the producers and directors out there are always out there to cheat them and treat them like trash.

He stated that whereas they will come to you looking all sad and begging you to shot their movies for them with the promise of giving you your pay at the end of the day, they will act as if you don’t even exist when it is time for them to pay you after the movie has been released.

The Bryt TV CEO also stressed stressed that another thing which also pushed him to quit acting was how most of the producer will decide to break a single movie they shot into about three to four parts just to get more money while they, the actors who played key roles in these movies are not given a fair share of it.

He, however, told Zionfelix on the show that he will still be a cast of the “Efiewua” TV series and as such, people who would want to see him act can catch the weekly episodes on the TV screens.

Watch the video of Koo Fori stating that he has stopped acting below:

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