NEW TV STATION LAUNCHED – Konkonsa TV Finally On Air

Our choices or sources of entertainment,news etc varies but there are reasons you will surely stick to no other television channel than Konkonsa Tv.

The wait is over as the well branded and anticipated television channel Konkonsa Tv finally goes on air

Konkonsa Tv which is the second Television station under Nana Abosomakotere Multi-media started airing on Monday 8th April 2019 after the successful launch of AB TV in the year 2018.

Konkonsa Tv is set to feed it viewers with multi content programs.

Content on Konkonsa Tv includes Sports, General News, social issues, movies, Music and more.

Nana Abosomakotere Multi-media is a fast rising multi media company that comprises of Radio stations, Fueling stations, Television stations among others own by Mr. Musah Mohamed , a business Man.

The C.E.O Mr.Musah Mohamed (a.k.a Nana Abosomakotre ) who is a ‘wala’ by tribe and from the Upper West region Of Ghana has assured the masses that, good and entertaining programs will be aired to keep viewers glued.

Re-scan your Satellite decoder to watch Konkonsa Tv on all free to air decoders around the world

  1. Patrick says

    U guys are such a stupid people… how can u bring scammers on ur television to scam ur own people who use to watch ur shows. That Xpress money is a lie. And they use the name of God in vain… just to make wat they are doing.

    1. Abigail frimpong says

      They are lier’s we have to do something to the TV station for entertaining them

  2. Abigail frimpong says

    Those scammers you brought to your TV tell them to send my money back or else i will report your TV station for them to do something

  3. Unknown says

    You people don’t know what’s really coming to your ways..this time around you guys have cross the line

  4. Akos says

    The tv need to be sued

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