KKD Shares The Ten Commandments That Can Take Ghana To The Promise Land

In a recent submission on Onua TV, popular Ghanaian broadcaster Kwasi Kyei Darkwa, popularly known as KKD, has read out some commandments that he thinks, when abided by, will get the country to where we are all wishing it to be.

The commandments read:

1) Be truthful. Lies run sprints but the truth runs marathons. One lie told needs more lies to cover it up. Respect the people, just be truthful.

2)Be Selfless. It is so adorable and honorable. It is easy for any greedy, dishonest, malicious or cowardly person to be selfish. It takes the honest, compassionate and thoughtful and courageous person to be selfless. Be the leader the people chose you to be.

3) Safeguard the land of our birth and all the natural resources above, beneath and around it. Lead our people in the six major ethnic groups – the Akan, Ewe, Ga-Adangde, Mole-Dagani, Guan and Gurma to safeguard it for generations yet unborn.

4)Make all ministries, departments, agencies, and indeed any public services and opportunities therein open to all qualified and honest citizens. Not the first and best choice for the family and friends nor for partisan political attackers and their cohorts of defenders.

5) Keep restraint on your borrowing so that you don’t impoverish and enslave generations after. Some of your good old friends, greedy advisors and benign encouragers and cheerleaders who edge you on to take the nation into more debt for their own greater benefit will not tell you this

6)Protect, empower and elevate the youth. Through your words and deeds, create the best opportunities in education, training, certification and accreditation, internships, jobs, mentorships and careers for the youth.

7) Tax wisely and fairly, so the poor may pay less and the wealthier pay more. Whether we are extra industrious or extra lucky, everything we own was given to us. And to whom much is given, much is expected.

8)Protect and project the dignity of our citizens. Let no citizen be treated worse than those they elect to serve them. Let no visitor, tourist, foreigner nor friend of our nation be treated better than the sons and daughters of this land of our birth.

9)Punish crime in high places most severely. The old and naive Ghanaian act of punishing the poor who steal a tuber of yam, a loaf of bread and fowl or analog telephone with harder and lengthier terms of sentence than people vested with authority, who steal the equivalence of an entire hospital must change.

10) Make corruption bribery and thievery punishable by death sentence or life in prison without parole. We know the scourge of this nation. It is gargantuan theft in public office, and together we must deal with it robustly. No person or persons shall selfishly steal by stealth or plunder the fortune or future of this beloved nation into their own sacks and warehouses and get away with it ever again.

Source: Gossips24.com

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