I Chop Bet Every Four Or Five Times In A Week – Opanka

In a recent interview on Kastle Entertainment Show, Ghanaian rapper, Dadie Opanka made it known to the general public that he is into betting on games and that he is not one of those people who will bet and come out publicly to condemn the act.

He is not a magician, but he knows how to win bets and has a lot of betting knowledge; he wins bets four or five times out of seven days a week, he revealed.

He said:

“There are a lot of people who are into betting and there are some big people who bet, but when you ask them quickly, they will say that betting is not a good thing, but for me, I say it as it is.”

“Betting is addictive, but it depends on who is betting. However, when you have some money and you are not too greedy, you can win some bets, but you need to discipline yourself, “

I have won several bets before, and I’m not bragging, but I really have a lot of knowledge about how betting works and how to make money from betting, “

If I’m challenged to come up with two odds every week, I’m not a magician, so I won’t say it is certain, but in seven days I can win about four to five times”.

Source: Gossips24.com

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