Ghana Police has arrested the Killer of two Kasoa Police officers, but a recent revelation made by a social media user gives us the impression that the Police service reacts quickly when the victim is one of theirs.

A Facebook user identified as Okenwa Agnabubui has revealed that the killer of the two cops who discharging their duties at Buduburam-Kasoa once shot a Nigerian who dealt in phones and its accessories.

According to the narrator, fortunately the bullet missed the target by a whisker and some policemen who on patrol that night and heard the gunshot, came over to arrest Eric.

His post read:

” This is the killer Eric Duah, it amaze me that this same guy
Four months ago almost shot a Nigerian guy selling phone and accessories here in Kasoa, fortunately enough there were some police men on patrol that heard the gun sound and came to arrest him that night,
It was just by luck that the bullet miss the guy,
3days later the guy was released and the same gun was giving back to him we tried to follow up the case but the police people were not helping matter rather they end up making it a rubbish case
Now the guy has use the same gun on them they seems to have suddenly woken up
If they have done the right thing that day this very situation could have been avoided.
Ghana Web my guy is still available for interview any day any time I can provide him if you would want to hear from him.”

According an eyewitness, who saw everything that transpired between Eric (killer of two kasoa police officers) and the officers on that fateful day, when the police officer approached the suspect, who was driving the unregistered blue/black Toyota Camry vehicle in an attempt to arrest him, the police officer first slapped the suspect in the face.

The suspect, in turn, went to his car under the pretence of taking out money from the car according to the eyewitness, but brought out the gun and fired at the police officer.

In a radio interview Thursday morning, the eyewitness said the police officer then took to his heels and headed towards the grocery shop in which the eyewitness and two other persons were.

The officer, who was then bleeding profusely reportedly urged the eyewitnesses to take cover and they did so by hiding behind a refrigerator inside the grocery shop.

The suspect, according to the eyewitness entered the shop and ordered them out after which he shot again at the police officer.


Killer Of Two Kasoa Police Officers Also Shot A Phone Dealer 4 Months Ago But Was Released By The Police 1


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