Joyce Boakye rains heavy curses on Mona Gucci (Video)

The celebrity feud between Kumawood actress Joyce Boakye who was recently in the news for filming herself in the washroom whiles on a flight and our self-styled lawyer – Mona Gucci is still causing havoc on the local digital space and has garnered massive attention from netizens in the process

Ever since Joyce Boakye’s washroom video made landed on the internet, the two former close friends have been hurling insults at one another.

Since they’re both shameless attention seekers, a section of their detractors have also seized the opportunity to bath them with grave insults because it’s quite a shame for such grown-up women who are also role models to pelt derogatory words at each other

They acquire attention by doing insane things in order to get people to insult them, but how can they damage one other with insults?

Joyce Boakye, who appears to be hurt by Mona Gucci’s insults and alleged lies, has now geared the beef to another pedestal by throwing in heavy curses.

According to Joyce Boakye, Mona Gucci has sworn to destroy her image by releasing some fake audios of her gossiping about Dr Kwaku Oteng and Tracey Boakye.

In the fast trending video, Boakye angrily stated that if she actually gossiped as claimed, God should kill her in an accident, but if she didn’t, Mona Gucci must face the divine repercussions.

Check out the video below to know more…


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