Jackie Appiah Once Rejected A $5000 Deal  – Movie Director Explains

As reported by Ghgossip.com an unidentified disclosed that Jackie Appiah and her team rejected a deal involving $5,000 just for Jackie to post a flyer for him on her Instagram page but she refused.

The man’s comment is in conjuction with what people are saying, claiming her wealth is not genuinely made and that she has been slepping with big men after a video of the actress’ multi-million mansion surfaced online.

The film director stated on radio XYZ: “A well-known individual offered Jackie Appiah a price of $5000 to publish his flier on her Instagram profile.” Jackie did not have to have her picture on the flyer. It’s interesting to note that Jackie Appiah’s management turned down the $5000 offer.

I’m saying this to demonstrate how Jackie Appiah has solidified her personal brand. She considered $5,000 to be a small sum. Do you recognize her own brand? She is not a bargain.

That $5,000 may have been someone’s yearly monetary outlay for a transaction. Jackie Appiah, though, turned it down. I’m not shocked that she bought that substantial home. She is really valuable. She is someone I am familiar with. Jackie, please pardon me one more time for my ignorance. He ended.

Source: Gossips24.com

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