It’s Only A Villager Who Feels Important In A Suit – Bridget Otoo

Yesterday, popular Ghanaian social media celebrity, Kalyjay, also known as Gyaigyimi, was trending on twitter after one user advised him to normalize the wearing of suits to certain places, not all places that he should go the casual way.

There has been back and forth on this matter on Twitter with some celebrities sharing their views on the comment where journalist Bridget Otoo came in with her comment saying it’s only a villager who feels important in a suit.

She wrote:

It’s only a Kurasini who feels important in a suit.

Her tweet gathered a lot of comments, read some below.


Then wear bikini to office to feel bossy!



·Tell your co-male TV presenters at your station to wear start wearing T-Shirts and Lacoste …so they don’t become “a krusani who feels important in a suit”


Same as wearing a make up.


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