Rap is difficult that’s why I’m still an underground act – Koo Ntakra laments

Koo Ntakra of MTN hitmaker fame who is still struggling to release a hit song into the mainstream media to take over the airwaves has contended that making a hit song as a singer is much easier than doing rap songs. 



According to the Eastern Region-based rapper,  singers are able to weave in catchy chorus and rhythms into their songs which make it unchallenging for music lovers to get sing along and eventually get addicted to their songs.



During an interview with Amansan Krakye on Kastle FM; the talented rapper also indicated that the reason singers have clouded the showbiz industry is that;  their sings are easily accepted by the masses unlike rappers and rap songs.






“I think it’s very difficult to get a breakthrough as a rapper in Ghana. In doing rap sometimes we use rhymes, metaphors, and sophisticated words which the fans might even find it hard to understand what we really want to say.

But if you look at those who do singing, they make use of melodies and these are easy for the fans to sing along

He added, “It is important to note that when your fans can easily sing your song then it’s easier for you to get the breakthrough into the mainstream.”



Source: Gossips24.com

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