Invest In Your Woman – Chris Vincent Writes

Ghanaian lawyer and blogger Chris Vincent, known for his lengthy posts on social media, is back with another edition of a long post on Facebook advising men to invest in their women.

The post reads:

“Every person wants an already cooked meal—after all, labour is tedious to even the donkey.
Therefore, many men would naturally gravitate towards an already “packaged” woman, forgetting that it cost a lot of time, resources, and perhaps stress for her to achieve that admirable “position” of meaningfulness.
A lot of women can achieve and exude beauty and glam on their own. But everything becomes easy with support and push from another person.

While men love fine things, fine women, and fine wine, many men do not take it upon themselves to invest in their women. Ironically, these same men are obsessed with the finest.

If you love women who dress well and are well put together—invest in your woman to achieve this standard. The other woman you are seeing out there, looking exactly how you want your woman to be like, maybe smiling throughout because someone else has taken on the arduous task of investing in her.

Go out there: buy some nice lingerie, clothes, and shoes for your woman—and shape her into who you constantly desire and admire.

A lot of African men seem to know what they want but don’t know how to help in bringing that to light.

Learn to invest in your woman and be proud of that.”


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