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Innocent 14-yr-Old Orphan Jailed For 2 Years

A 14-yr-old boy has been jailed to spend 2 years of his life in prison.

The boy who according to a public report by Crime Check Tv Ghana will turn 15 years old in 3 months time (October) was jailed for the wrong reasons.

Innocent 14-yr-Old Orphan Jailed For 2 Years
Innocent 14-yr-Old Orphan Jailed For 2 Years

To the sad part of his story, his parents are no more, hence, there was no one to defend his age since the police man who filed his dossier claimed he is 18yrs and fit to be imprisoned.

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The post sighted by read; “Adom says he will be 15 in 3 months but he says the policeman who handled his case wrote 18 as his age. Unfortunately, his parents who would have clarified matters are both dead. He has been convicted for two years for stealing but the little boy says his nephew rather did it. Whatever the situation, our interest has to do with his age. If he is indeed a juvenile, as it appears he is, then our laws do not allow the imprisonment of juveniles in walled prisons. Rather, it makes provision for such kids to be sent to a Senior Correctional Centre. Unfortunately, we have such kids in our country’s prisons, all because some unscrupulous and corrupt police officers allegedly inflate the ages of these children. Too bad!

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