I’m Uncultured And I Can’t Do Anything About It – Xandy Kamel

The controversial Kumawood actress, Xandy Kamel, has said it’s a known fact that she’s uncultured and she can’t do anything about it in an interview with Kweku Manu posted on FILAMAN TV Channel on 11th March, 2019.

The bubbly actress, who seems to have problems with anybody who comes her way, was asked whether she knows she’s uncultured by the interviewer, Kweku Manu, when she asked the latter not to misbehave on the show. “M’engyimi oo”, she said when they were still discussing where she hails from.

In her reaction, Xandy replied several times that she knows she’s uncouth which is known to every Ghanaian and accepted that she can’t do anything about it. She further asked who the uncultured person is amongst the two, the interviewer and the interviewee.

The Sexy and plump ‘Beyond Love’ actress, who started heckling the interviewer right from the beginning of the interview made a lot of uncivilized statements on the show to buttress her assertion.

She also denied ever deciding to be controversial nor try to be known to prominent people on social media to hype herself. Rather, it’s the masses who don’t understand that every event we are seeing today has its cause.

She further explained that in the case of her claims of having a crush for Patapaa, the “One Corner” crooner which the interviewer brought up, she said she and Patapaa had already met at Worawora at an event where Patapaa was an artist and she, Xandy, was the MC for the event.

According to her, that was the genesis of their relationship and indeed she had before the brouhaha about her crush claims been exchanging messages with Patapaa about how she felt towards him.

She, however, denied ever sleeping with Patapaa nor kissed Supa, Ghana’s Tupac. She explained that the kissing incident with Supa was photoshopped and the lady involved was a lady by the name Abena. Xandy also revealed that she never slept with Bill Asamoah. Rather, it was a story created by Benedicta Gafah on UTV’s Atuu.

She also revealed that she’s a professional caterer who takes and delivers orders for events.

Source: asembi.com

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