I’m not hungry for fame – Timothy Bentum

Ghanaian actor Timothy Bentum, who recently completed Bible school and now a reverend pastor told Showbiz that he is not hungry for fame.

Timothy said he still combines acting with the work of God but is particular about the roles he plays. He won’t accept any script with nudity.

“The farthest I will go is to give a peck on the cheek but there is no way I will kiss anyone in a movie, Sometimes the moral is good but it depends on who the director is and what he wants. I am not hungry for fame, I’d rather please God than please man; I have turned down a couple of scripts because of some of these things,” he told Showbiz.

Some Ghanaians suggested that he loosen up a bit since he became born-again just recently.

Timothy however confirmed that he has been born-again since he was about 17 years old and being a pastor has always been his dream.

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