“If you claim to be gay go to Nima and announce it” – Kwaw Kese to LGBT community

CEO of Madtime Records, Kwaw Kese has given a humble advice to the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender community in Ghana.

The latest conversation on whether or not the Government of Ghana should legalize homosexuality in Ghana has rooted deep into the entertainment sector in Ghana.

Speaking to the issue, Kwaw Kese took to twitter to send a goodwill message to queers.

He stated that anyone who claims to be gay should go to Nima, a suburb in Ghana’s capital, Accra, and make the announcement of their sexuality public instead of ranting on social media.

If u claim to be gay ah go to Nima and announce it, Wobete wo tum
Kwasias3m sei
” – his tweet read.

Earlier, Kwaw shared a video to his Instagram thanking the president for reportedly issuing an order for the various LGBT offices to be shutdown.

SOURCE: Gossips24.com

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