If Medikal was just expressing Himself that he saved GH Rap,then I’m also expressing Myself that it’s untrue – Strongman

Earlier this month, Medikal took to his Twitter and Instagram page to claim that 4 years ago, he saved Ghanaian Rap music from dying and that he promises to keep it alive.

Rapper Strongman has on many occasions disagreed with Medikal on his assertion that he’s saved rap. Well many people came at Strongman that he’s taking the whole thing too far and that Medikal was just expressing his Opinion.

Well, Strongman has also replied all those saying Medikal just expressed his Opinion and that he should keep quiet. Because of this, we’ve started witnessing an ongoing releases of beef songs between both Medikal and Strongman. Many claimed Strongman is so far in the lead.

When asked on Adom FM’s Kasahare Show that it seems he’s talking too much and that Medikal just expressed his opinion, he said,

Well, If people claimed Medikal was just expressing his Opinion that he saved GH Rap 4 years ago, then i’m also expressing my Opinion that what he said was untrue. There is no need saying stuffs which are untrue, no, let’s not deceive the Public.”

He continued,

Last year alone, i dropped 13 Rap songs; even the controversy surrounding my Charcoal song kwraa was no joke, How many Hiphop songs he’s released within that 4 years to claim he’s held Rap down four years ago?”.

Beloved, there is a new beef in town, and your guess is as good as mine.

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