‘I Will Beat You If You Don’t Learn Common Sense’ – Xandy Kamel tells Akuapim Polo

Two Kumasiano drama stars are at it again; Akuapim Polo and Xandy Kamel have started their monkey games on social media.

In a video sighted by gossips24.com, which we believe was shared Actress Xandy Kamel, contained threats issued at Akuapim Polo.

According to Xandy Kamel, akuapim polo has been on her case for sometime now and she promises to teach her a lesson if she fails to learn common sense.

The two have over the period thrown shades at each other, but being bold enough, Xandy has decided to take the game to the next level.

Just like Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, we advise that these two take their noise off social media to the street and make the action happen.


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