I Will Bɛαt You- Prophet Azuka Warns Diana Asamoah & Prophet Kofi Oduro

In a recent exchange of words, Ghanaian gospel musician Diana Asamoah made her stance clear in the ongoing feud between Kofi Pages and Prophet Azuka.

Diana Asamoah, known for her gospel music, expressed her opinion by suggesting that the name “Azuka” might have a questionable spiritual origin, as it sounded rather unusual.

Meanwhile, another influential figure, Prophet Kofi Oduro, indirectly addressed Prophet Azuka’s actions. He criticized the practice of pouring libations in a church setting, considering it a practice associated with those who worship lesser gods rather than the God of Christianity.

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Additionally, he took a swipe at men of God who incorporate secular music into their church services and placed blame on the government for allowing such practices.

In a surprising turn of events, Prophet Azuka reportedly went to a river at dawn to place a curse on Kofi Pages, alleging that he had disrespected and insulted him.

He performed a ritual involving libations with Schnapps to invoke the water gods. This act stirred astonishment among Ghanaians as it appeared to contradict Christian doctrines, given that Azuka is considered a man of God.

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In a live video, Prophet Azuka issued a stern warning, stating that he would physically confront anyone who speaks ill of him, particularly Prophet Kofi Oduro.

He claimed that if Kofi Oduro ever mentioned his name in his church again, he would face dire consequences. Azuka further alluded to having undisclosed information about Kofi Oduro’s time in London.

This unfolding feud between these prominent figures has captured the attention of many, raising questions about spirituality, beliefs, and the boundaries between traditional practices and Christianity in Ghana.

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