I Used To Sell Fake Anointing Oil To Scam People – Prophet Confesses

The influx of anointing oils and prophetic commodities in Churches has become outrageous and has forced many to doubt the credibility in these so-called pastors. This has made it difficult for us to identify who is really from God. But with time, the spirit uncovers the fake ones.

Prophet Alex Nsiah, founder and leader of True Teaching and Healing Ministry in Pretoria, South Africa has revealed that he used to sell fake anointing oil to his church members in Ghana.

The outspoken clergyman who migrated from Ghana to South Africa to continue his ministry stated on the “Uncut” show with Zionfelix that there was a time in his life when he was really struggling to make ends meet.

As a pastor, he started selling Borges olive oil as anointing oil to his unsuspecting church members.

He added that through the sale of the oil, he was able to buy a car and live comfortably.

Pastor Nsiah claimed he stopped selling the oil after he had a dream where preachers were being taken to heaven but he was left on earth because of his wrong practice.

Pastor Nsiah adviced Christians not to go to church because they are looking for some form of miracle but rather go to church because of the word.

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