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“I rejected two Rolls Royce from…” – Archbishop Duncan-Williams reveals (video)



Archbishop Duncan-Williams

Leader and Founder of Action Chapel International, Archbishop Duncan-Williams has made a shocking revelation that he rejected two Rolls Royce from two of his sons and all happened in a space of two years.

In a sermon in his church, the man of God detailed why he refused the offer of two Rolls Royces from his sons.

Archbishop Duncan Williams explained that the ‘Ghanaians can talk’ attitude is what compelled him no to take the offer.

According to him, he can’t take any offer and later receive bashes from Ghanaians meanwhile he’s doing great things for the benefits of Ghanaians already.

you want people to know that you’re the one behind it, go ahead. In this society? it’s just a matter of time.

Two years ago, one of my sons called me and said Papa am getting you a rolls royce and I said thank you very much, bring me the money.

Then last year another son came to me, Papa I’ve placed some money down for a rolls Royce for you, what colour do you want? and I said, what is it about you people and Rolls Royce when it comes to me? And he said, you deserve it and I said, you don’t understand.

Rolls Royce in Ghana here when am trying to build a drug rehab and a prayer mountain and am driving a rolls Royce in this Ghana. And I said, you’re not a Prophet, this time you missed it.

This time, you didn’t hear from God and he said, what do I do and I said, bring me the money. When I am 70, 75, 80 or 90 I will drive a rolls Royce,” he said;

Watch the video below:

"I rejected two Rolls Royce from..." - Archbishop Duncan-Williams reveals (video) 1

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