I Lost My Virginity At Age 15- Actress Kisa Gbekle Tells Her Story

After opening up on how she financed her GHC 60K butt surgery, the actress is in the news again and this time around, she is talking about how she lost her virginity.

According to Kisa Gbekle, she lost her virginity at an early age when she was just 15 even though it wasn’t her wish to do so at such a tender age.

She explained that a guy [email protected] her when she was 15 but he got arrested by the police for forcing himself on her and having his way.

In elaborating more on how the case ended, she revealed that the issue was withdrawn from the police station and was settled at home because of family reasons.

Actress Kisa Gbekle blew the minds of many after she revealed in an interview that she sold two players from her football team just to finance her 60K butt surgery and that she never took money from any sugar daddy like people have been speculating on social media in the past days.

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