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I Lied About My Divine Healing Water – Brother Sammy (video)

Gospel musician Brother Sammy, popularly known as the ‘Nation’s Worshipper’ has finally revealed the truth behind his HIV/AIDs medicine.

A month ago, Brother Sammy was arrested by the police and the FDA for promoting a medicine he has labelled ‘Divine healing water’.

Per initial statements made by the gospel musician, the medicine can cure HIV, Asthma, Gonorrhoea, Hepatitis B, Diabetes and even Cancer.

In his first interview on how he came about this special oil and miracle water, he elaborated that God revealed Himself to him in one night and in the process, showed him how to prepare the special oil under discussion.

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Well, he has confessed after weeks of silence – he lied to all of us.

According to Brother Sammy in a recent interview on, he never saw Angel Gabriel and neither did he see God who gave him the medicine, but rather it was from his grand mother.

In his voice on DayBreak Hitz with Andy Dosty on Hitz Fm, Bro Sammy explained that he did so because he wanted to help his grand mother’s business.

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He admitted he had erred for not being able to stick to the truth, but never downplayed the fact that the concoction actually works.



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