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I Leave Men Once I See Changes In Their Attitudes – Fantana


Rufftown records signee, Fantana seems to be a hard nut to crack. If you are a playboy, obviously she shouldn’t be your target since she has a breakup indicator in her gene.

Fantana has indicated that no man on this planet can break her heart in a relationship.

She indicated that although she is just 22 years, she is a tough lady who through experience knows how to handle her emotions well so as not to get worked up by any man.

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According to her, she goes for the exit door in a relationship once she senses that it won’t lead her anywhere, especially when she sights attitudinal changes in her man.

She, however, admitted that she has cried over a man before.

“I am a tough lady and no man can ever break my heart; I have never suffered a broken heart and I am not sure I will ever suffer any.

So far I have been with three guys and I do not wait for the relationship to get to that level before I leave. Once I see that it will not go anywhere, I just leave.

I have cried over a guy before but it was not because my heart was broken, I had just realized that I wasted my time for the one year I was with him and it surprised me that I was with him for that long. Indeed that has been the longest relationship I have ever had,” she said.


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