I Haven’t Found My Jesus Chain – Medikal cries

AMG rapper Medikal has disclosed that he is yet to see his priceless Jesus Chain after he begged anyone who has it to return it for a huge amount of money.

Months ago, the ‘Oma Ada’ hitmaker went to perform in Sunyani where the chain got stolen after realizing that the chain was stolen took to social media to beg anyone in possession with the chain to return it to him since that chain was very dear to his heart with the assurance of giving the person $10,000 instantly.

Some few days after his post, some guys from the region recorded and shared a video where they promised having the chain but won’t return it for any amount of money.

Well, looks like the guys have stood by the words of not returning the ring as the rapper has in an interview with Abieku Santana begged whoever has the chain should kindly return it because he has invested a lot in that Chain.

Abeiku, I want to make this announcement over here too, my Jesus Chain is still missing; it’s an investment, if I go broke I can go back and sell it. The Public should help me find it, it’s still missing

He told Abeiku Santana

We wonder why Medikal who is goes around bragging with his riches would still be chasing a chain that has been lost for over 2 months unless that chain contains something we don’t know.

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