I can’t beat my wife – 2Face Idibia responds to wife beating allegations

Few days ago 2 Face aka 2Baba took to social media to apologise to his wife Annie. This act clearly got his fans wondering whether there might be something really going wrong in the celebrity couple’s marriage. Ever since then there have been a whole lot of accusations thrown at him.

Rumors have it that he cheated on his wife sometime ago. Others also thinks the 42-year-old Nigerian superstar beat up his beautiful Wife.

Well, the singer has denied all the allegations and added that he 2Face Idibia can never lay hands on the woman he loves.

A noise Instagram user who wanted to know whether the rumours were true or not asked the music icon under his post of his on Instagram that,

So is it true baby. I mean what I am hearing that you beat up my sunshine to darkness. I am talking of Annie,” she asked.
2Baba politely answered with smiley emojis, “I no fit try am”.
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