I blame Counselor Lutherodt’s family for his ‘foolish‘ behaviors – Yvonne Nelson

Award-winning Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson in an interview with Abeiku Santana on UTV’s ‘Atuu’ has shared her views on how bad counselor Lutherodt’s comments about her baby has affected her.

She explained that she saw no reason why the counselor will sit on TV or radio to speak ill about her kid. She blamed the counselor’s unnecessary ‘stupid’ acts on the media, his wife and family members.

“I blame the wife and his family members for not being able to speak some sense into him. No wife will be comfortable with a husband who speaks ill about other people’s kids. It is not right. If you have a problem with the kid’s mother, it’s fair enough but the kid has done him no wrong” she said.

Yvonne Nelson, who got deeply hurt with the counselor ‘s act added that she holds no grudge against him but can’t have a one-on-one conversation with him. “He can never be my friend” she boldly added.

watch the video below.

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