I Am Mentally Stable; I Was The Best Student In My School – Joyce Mensah Dzidzor

Former HIV AIDs ambassador , Joyce Mensah Dzidzor, has debunked rumours that she is mentally challenged, these came after people criticized and label her as being mad for recording a video of herself in a German train begging for funds.

According Joyce Mensah Dzidzor, her level of intelligence causes other people to tag her as insane.

In an interview monitored by Gossips24.com, She made these statements in reaction to the backlash she faced for recently begging for money in a train in Europe to help build a national cathedral in Ghana.

Speaking to KMJ of Daybreak HItz, she said;

“When they were looking for a student to represent the school for a quiz they couldn’t pick anybody but me. From nursery, primary, jss, everywhere, I was always first for my entire life….When i got to JHS, they said i should bring my mother because i was too clever and i am from a poor background so they wanted to help me.

I just want to make this clear, that I am a very very intelligent person…. So when people are really intelligent, those who don’t understand the brain that is working in them think she is mad. So if people say i am mad, i will not argue, what i know is that i am a very very intelligent person.”


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