Ex-Ghanaian president John Dramani Mahama has slammed the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), led by Nana Akufo Addo over his nepotism exhibited at the presidency.

John Mahama has argued that Akufo Addo cannot deny claims by many that he is running a ‘nepotistic’ administration looking at the appointment of relatives in his office.

He stressed that although he had very qualified relations during his term of office, he did not involve them in his administration unlike Akufo Addo.

“The thing is in politics, be careful what you say because tomorrow, it will come to haunt you, And that’s exactly what’s haunting them. [They shouted] family and friends government! When it wasn’t true. Now today, relatives everywhere! And when you raise it, nepotism, they tell you: ” No, no, it doesn’t matter if it is the person’s relative; it depends on whether they are qualified.

Whether they are qualified? Who doesn’t have qualified relatives? I have degree holders and PhD holders in my family. And that’s what I said in Bolga: if it was getting qualified relatives, oh! Plenty, I have plenty,” he pointed put in a speech at a recent event covered by

But the NPP, in a swift rebuttal, explained that even though some of the relatives named have no government positions, all others cited are qualified to serve as appointed by the President.

This explanation, John Mahama, finds unacceptable given that it is a different rule for the current President as opposed to when he was President when the qualification of relatives did not matter.

“Then lean government. Lean government! When you appoint and they are too many, they say oh, it is not the quantity but it is the quality. So who is judging the quality? You? You know, but it’s not good for our corporate governance. Because you don’t change the rules depending on who is in power.

Ghana belongs to all of us. Whoever is President, whoever forms government, we must hold them to the same standard of accountability. And civil society organizations have gone quiet? More society has gone quiet?” He wondered.


I also have Degree and PhD holders in my family Mahama blasts Akufo-Addo over family and friends government 2


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