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Hot Audio: “Afia Schwarzenegger, stole a gold watch and is also a Lesbian” — Nana Tonardo claims

Nana Tornado who happens to be one of Afia Schwarzenegger’s bosom friend has made some wild allegations about Afia. Nana Tonardo alleges that Afia Schwarzenegger is a lesbian and she has ‘chopped’ different girls in his presence.

He added that Afia has been moving round ruining every good relation he’s built with gossips not forgetting stealing a gold watch from one mutual friend.

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Finally, Afia Schwarzenegger reacted to the allegations made by her former friend Nana Tonardo to ruin her image in a more sobber manner which is quite unusual of her. Y’all know the vulgar nature of Afia Schwarzenegger.

She said after all that happened between Nana Tonardo and herself in their famous beef with their former boss Delay, she expected more from him.

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She, however, refuted claims that she’s been moving round gossiping about Tonardo and on the stolen watch accusation, Afia Schwarzenegger rubbished it.

Listen to the audio below:


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