“Holy K!ss” – “One of the students Rev Father Ricky k!issed is married” – Insider reveals

The latest report on Rev Father Ricky’s controversial and infamous k!ss scandal has it that one of the three students the Anglican priest k!ssed is legally married.

This exclusive information was exposed by the Executive Director of Africa Education Watch – Mr Kofi Asare.

During an interview with Happy FM concerning the scandal which has now turned into a national topic and is being discussed on all the major radio and TV stations.

In the course of an interview with Samuel Eshun on the Happy Morning show, Mr Kofi Asare was quoted saying;

I agree that they need psychological help especially with the information we are gathering that one of the girls kissed by the priest is married. So indeed, I was assured to learn that they [St. Monica College of Education] had put in place necessary psychological help for the affected victims. We will follow up with the necessary psychological help provided to the victims

Meanwhile, the Anglican Church has revealed through a press statement that the students who were k!ssed have been put under a counsellor ing session to avert all the psychological trauma they might be experiencing from the saga.

Rev Kofi Oduro on the other hand has also fired Rev Father Ricky for disgracing the Christendom and further called on the police service to deal with him.

Source: Gossips24.com

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