HERE IS WHY – Dreadlocks And Tattoos Take Over Labadi Youth [+VIDEO]

Labadi, a  town in the Greater Accra region of Ghana is currently being dominated by guys with dreadlocks and tattoos as it has become the latest trend in the area.

In a documentary by Knoxept Worae of TV3, after keenly observing and wanting to find out what really is the call for this new trend.

According to reports, three out of five boys in Labadi either have dreads or tattoos, and we’ve been wondering what could really be the motivation behind this new trend.

From the video we deduce that this trend is inspired by Stonebwoy, Shatta Wale and of course the women.

Yes, what we gather from the video indicates that labadi girls like guys with dreadlocks and tattoos. One girl who was interviewed admitted to the fact that she is attracted to guys with dreadlocks.

With this development in the Labadi township, bald headed guys are also crying out to the ladies to show them some love as well.

Watch the full video below:

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