Travel Blogger Akesse Sanza supports government’s decision to increase passport fees; these are his reasons

Ghanaian Travel Blogger, Akesse Moise Sanza, has lauded the government’s decision to increase passport fees to help the government break even, and not to make profit.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, Ms Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey, said at a Press Conference in Accra on Wednesday that the government is reviewing passport fees upwards to help break even and avoid current losses incurred in the processing and production of Ghanaian passports.

This, Akesse Sanza says “it’s a very good decision”. 

According to the travel blogger who blogs on, acquisition of Ghanaian passport has been easier today and Ghanaians can expect more improved services with increased fees.

In a Facebook post, the travel blogger said if Ghanaians are able to afford a South African visa fee of GHS500, there is no need for government to subsidise the acquisition of Ghanaian passports.

Despite being a known critic of the Akufo Addo government, he sounds confident that the Foreign Affairs Ministry has done well and will do better with improved fees. 

He suggested that the government comes up with additional package that will see applicants receiving processed passports same or next day of application.

Read his full post below: 

The government is considering increasing passport fees just to break even, not to make profit. This is very good decision and at least we can expect more improved services.

If we can pay GHS500 for just a visa (SA), why should government subsidise the acquisition of passports? Looking at how new application centers have been opened in other cities, it means we can expect more with increased fees.

Throughout my 14-years of working in the travel industry, acquiring a Ghanaian passport hasn’t been easy like this. Let’s not pretend we were not paying more than the usual 50/100ghs. So if all these middlemen have been taken away, why can’t we pay that to them to further improve the services?

I suggest the MFA comes up with three categories; Standard 100ghs, Express 200ghs, Same or Next day 1000ghs. With what they’ve done so far, I’m confident they can do more with increased fees.

The current fee for expedited application us GHc100, while that of a standard application is GH50.

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