Video: Names Of Ghanaian Musicians Who Are Freemasons Pops Up

Freemasonary is an organisation of people who believe in brotherhood and helping it’s memebers in dire straits. It’s members are known as Freemasons or simply masons.

Clashing with the subscription in the minds of the populace which suggests that people who belong to this mystic cult are evil and the devils incarnate.

Ghanaian budding rapper (Mani Mandela) who resides in the Northern Region has rebuffed such fabricated narratives by insisting that; the aforementioned cult is of good purpose and discipline.

To connect with his submissions, Mani Mandela cited top Ghanaian dignitaries such as former president Kuffour and the third most poweful king in the world (Otumfuor Osei Tutu) as notable memebers of this faith.

Kindly watch the video below;

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