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Ghanaian l£sbian begs her partner not to leave her after she decided to go and marry a man (Video)

Gossips24.com has sighted a viral video of a Ghanaian lesbian going on her knees to beg her partner not to break-up with her.

In the viral video, the lady who wants a break-up is reported to have a new love – a man.

The lady pleading reminded her of the recent car she bought for her which is a testament that she can do anything for her hence doesn’t understand why she’s quitting their relationship of 5-years.

Apparently, the other lady said she was tired of doing p*ssy and want to get married to a man and turn her life around because she was tired of the affair which strictly is forbidden n the Ghanaian traditional setup.

The other one however one will have none of that as she burst into tears amidst saying, ‘I love you’ repeatedly. Watch the video below;

Watch the video below…




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