Ghana Has No Movie Industry- Majid Michel

Ghanaian actor cum evangelist Majid Michel has come out to reveal that Ghana has no movie industry as we have always imagined there to be.

Speaking during an interview which he granted whiles speaking at Adom TV revealed that the movie industry is an individual business done by people who have a love for storytelling.

According to him, what makes a movie industry is the theatres and movie studios as well as distribution companies that work on making the movies available to people.

The actor who has worked on many hit movies further went ahead to call on the government to make provisions that would make the industry more lucrative and nice for people so they invest more money into it.

Majid Michel concluding his interview revealed that there is a lot of things that the country can gain should they work on making the industry a good one that would meet the world standard.

Watch the interview below;

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