Gabby Okyere Darko Calls On National Cathedral Secretariat To Recieve Donation From LGBTQ+

A leading member of the ruling New Patriotic Party, Gabby Otchere-Darko has encouraged the National Cathedral Secretariat to receive monies been donated to them by the LGBTQ+ society in Ghana.

According to Gabby Okyere Darko, the LGBTQ+ community in Ghana have some of their members also been Christians and should not be treated like they are demons because of their sexual preferences.

He further revealed that they should be given the free right to help if they want since they are also Ghanaians and have a part to play in the building of the nation.

Taking to his Twitter handle he wrote saying;

 Is it the rule or practice that churches in Ghana take no donations, tithes or offerings from homosexuals? Are gays banned from being Christians? No. If they are free to got to church, as it is the case, then surely they are free to donate and if so then what really is the issue?

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