GA West Municipal Assembly Arrests & Auction Four Stubborn Goats

Officials of the Ga West Municipal Assembly at Amansaman in the Greater Accra Region will today, Friday June 14, 2019 auction four stubborn goats which were arrested by the assembly’s task force.

A notice signed by the Municipal Environmental Health Officer, Christiana Marku Teye-Angmor said the auction will take place at the assembly yard at Amasaman

It is against the Assembly’s by-laws for residents to leave their animals on the streets unattended for a number of days, hence the arrest of the stray goats by the assembly on June 3, 2019.

According to sources efforts by the assembly to find owners of the goats proved futile.

The Ga West Municipal Assembly law states that a public auction should be carried out if owners of arrested animals refuse to show up within six days of notice.

Auction notice boldly written according to the laws, is pasted at a designated area for six days.

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