Funny Face promises to dash fans two of his cars (video)

After chasing Adebayor around from social media to his house just for a car, actor Funny Face has decided to gain some public appeal by showing he also has a good heart.

The actor was given a Porsche Panamera about a week ago, and he has since then abandoned his Sonata and Jaguar.

Having no use for the two cars that he used to flex in town with, Funny Face has decided to give it out to two of his fans.

It appears his quest to satisfy the public is really a big deal for him lately. Here is what he wrote on Instagram; “😅 @e_adebayor bro am abt to copy ur lifestyle .. wait make I check my account balance before da tin sef “ go over me “ I know we are friends but financially we are not friends .. da level is like am in kindergarten and u are in University 😃 infact uve finished university . U are doin ur masters self .. When I come ? 😂 KASOA VANDAMME “ ei go over you “ the #CHILDRENPRESIDENT

He has been beefing with Lilwin lately, and we just hope this is not another challenge.

They were engaged in a cash-gift challenge few days ago. The comedian, Funny, gave 1000ghc to a fan whilst Lilwin gave out over 1000gh to a schoolboy.

Let’s see if Lilwin will consider the car gift also as a challenge and give some out.

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