Former Gay Man Exposes Alleged Trumu Trumu Hospital In Kumasi

A former member of the LGBTQ+ has in a recent post on social media revealed that the gay community has their hospital in Asokwa in Kumasi.

According to the young man, the hospital is solely for gay people and all those who go to the hospital are been given a red card to come to the health center whenever they need help.

The young man revealed that the hospital doesn’t charge to take care of it, people, as they give any person that comes for medical care 50gh as well as providing them with food to eat.

He further revealed that anyone who finds a Gay partner can send their partner there so they do a free checkup to ascertain that they are not suffering from any sexually transmitted disease.

Sharing the video he dared the ministry of health to prove if they don’t know about the existence of the health center for the Gay society.

Watch the video below;

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