Female Students Faints Multiple Times After Hearing His lecturer Died Of HIV

A young man whose name has been identified on Twitter as Spend0Gustav0 has revealed how a female coursemate of hers fainted multiple times after she heard that the lecturer had died after contracting the deadly HIV/AIDS.

The lady immediately after the news about his death was broke out to her fainted and was resurrected again but again fainted after she was told again.

The lady who couldn’t hold by her tears was said to have cried uncontrollably when she was able to regain consciousness.

Tho the exact reason for her fainting is not known, many are of the perception that she was having an affair with the lecturer without the use of a condom when he was alive as she could also have HIV/AIDS.

Taking to social media to share the post he wrote saying;

My Female coursemate fainted 3 times after she heard the news that our lecturer died of AIDS. I no understand why she faint o

See his tweet below;

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