Lady Who Exchanged S3x For Freedom Speaks For The First Time-Video

The female prisoner who was freed by a police lance corporal known as Isaac has for the first time spoken after the incident happened as she reveal what exactly happened at the cells.

Recounting what happened that night she revealed that the police officer came to her whikes she was in her cells and requested that she allow him have his way with her about four times after which he would give her the freedom she soo much wanted.

According to the lady whose name was identified as Theresa Forson she had no choice but to accept the offer which led to the police officer having s3x with him for a while after which she helped her escape.

Theresa who was speaking after she was arrested again revealed that the incident which happened at the Nkanfoa Police Station in the Central Region was due to the fact that she was having some children and wanted to come out so she can be able to sell cigeratte and take care of them.

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