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FDA & Police Arrest Mama Gee, The Woman Who Sells Charm And Juju To Slay Queens (photos)

The end of Slay Queens is here as FDA ends their only source to turning men into slaves – how are they going to survive?

Reports reaching indicates, the Food and Drugs Board Authority, (FDA) in collaboration with Ghana Police has arrested a renowned woman on social media known as Mama Gee who has been selling unauthorized herbal products, which gives power to women (Slay Queens) to charm and milk cash from their sugar daddies and boyfriends.

Yesterday, reported on how slay queens queue at her joint to buy the said vagina booster which charms men after sex.

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The woman on several occasions has claimed that, her products make the pu$$y of women sweeter than that of the normal woman, making men go crazy over any woman who uses her product and hence getting them to do the bidding of the woman.

Mama Gee Arrested
Mama Gee Arrested

According to a statement released by the FDA, they made the arrest after their attention was drawn to videos on Social media with the woman claiming she has such sexual enhancers.

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Read the full statement below:

Mama Gee Arrested
Mama Gee Arrested

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