Family of Becca’s Mother Issues Press Statement; Blame Becca’s Father For Ongoing Feud

The brouhaha surrounding Becca’s marriage is not ending anytime soon as the family of Becca’s mother, Oti family, has issued a press statement.

Becca’s mother’s family has also released a statement slamming the singer’s father, Mr. Acheampong.

In the press statement, the Oti family dismissed all the accusations levelled against their daughter, Julie (Becca’s mum).

Becca’s father said in his statement that Becca’s husband had done nothing wrong against Julie and that she was the one fomenting trouble.

Julie’s family in the press statement blamed Becca’s dad Mr Acheampong for the ongoing rift.

They also jabbed at him for impregnating their daughter at age 15 under disturbing circumstances.


Family of Becca's Mother Issues Press Statement
Family Issues Press Statement

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