Fameye Exits OGB Music

Ghanaian musician, Peter Famiyeh Bozah, known by the stage name Fameye, has finally left OGB Music per our findings.

Fameye and his now former CEO, Ogidi Brown, have been going back and forth with issues after the former felt his boss was tarnishing his image.

Their rift began when the artiste was reported to have slapped his manager in Italy, an incident he claimed never happened.

Dissatisfied with the treatment he was receiving under the label, the artiste and his management decided to solve things in the law court.

Well, Gossips24.com has been monitoring occurrences in both camps and we are somehow convinced that the artiste is no longer a member of OGB Music.

Just this morning, the Mati singer deleted all OGB Music related posts from his page on instagram.

Not just that, the singer has also changed his name to Mr Peter, is it some sort of re-brand or a confirmation that he has finally left.

Well, until it is made official Gossips24.com would want you to treat this as a rumour.

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