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Facebook chairman lands hot slaps on a slay queen who took his money to visit him but never showed up

It was all drama at the “CHOP-BAR” when a Facebook chairman finally got hold of a lady he met on the social network who took money from him for transportation to visit but never showed up.

The lady who was treating herself and friends with Fufu and plenty meat from the transport money was beaten to the pulp by this Facebook chairman who bounced into her with his friend.

Sighting from the video, the fraud-lady received more than 5 heavy slaps on her face and some other punches in the stomach.

Her friends who couldn’t do anything to calm down the angry Facebook chairman were left with no option than to beg the victim to reduce the slaps and beatings.

This is a great lesson to the ladies who indulge themselves in such fraudulent activities.

Kindly watch the video below to know more…

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