EXPOSED! Medikal, Sister Derby & Fella Makafui Planned This Whole Beef [+VIDEO]

How do we start? Well, we need you to pay attention to the content of the attached video, it has the keys to unlock all the misery behind this beef between Medikal, Sister Derby & Fella Makafui.

So it was all planned, all the photo shoots, songs, challenges, and skits were planned. Wonder why FOKN Boys haven’t spoken on this bitterly? Well, it’s because the game is fetching some cool cash.

Medikal and Fella Makafui are not dating, anyone who watches this video will understand why we at are saying they are not dating.

So ahead of Val’s day celebration, spotted a video on the snap of Sister Derby in a room we believe is a five-star hotel or classy apartment somewhere in Accra, which was rented for a purpose.

Well, to our best of knowledge, Sister Derby with the help of a couple of guys who are good at decors prepared and decorated the apartment for Medikal and Fella Makafui.

Now, in the video, noticed that the sofa in Derby’s video is the same sofa in Fella’s video, the television, curtains, center table and dining table in both videos – the same.

Fella Makafui posted a video of the setting which she calls a surprise from Medikal, on her SnapChat and Instagram pages today! Yes today, whereas Sister Derby’s video was posted earlier.

One will ask why Medikal, Sister Derby & Fella Makafui will go through all this stress, well guess what, its showbiz and most of us fell for it.

Sister Derby’s numbers doubled on social media, Medikal got the hype and attention including the deals, whereas Fella enjoyed the publicity and fame as well.

Songs released by both artistes are selling and becoming hits overnight, their youtube channels are recording double numbers and deals are coming in.

This is all showbiz is about, after all, anything for the dollars. will keep an eagle eye on the situation and bring you all the details

Watch the video attentively and spot the key points;


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