It Doesn’t Matter How You Make Your Money – Efia Odo defends her fraudulent boyfriend

Its obvious that Efia Odo is fond of dating scammers/fraud boys and her latest guy is no different from the characters listed above.

Though many have lashed out at her obsession, she seems to be firm on her grounds. Efia comes from the school that teaches you that ‘no money is dirty’, once its money, it is legit.

According to the screen goddess and renowned slay queen, it does not matter how one makes his or her money as long as it keeps on coming, one should be okay.

She opined that one should feel free to venture into fraud as long as it pays for the outcome (money) is more important.

She tweeted:

‘Who said hard work? I said any how u make your money as long as you making money and it’s not gh girls. Americans and people all over the world do fraud‘ as a reply to a fan quizzing her on her choice of men.

Efia Odo defends her fraudulent boyfriend
Efia Odo defends her fraudulent boyfriend

From her statements, it is obvious she doesn’t give a hoot about how her guy makes money.

She doesn’t care about the money making process but the outcome. For her, it doesn’t matter if her guy kills, as far as money is the end product, she’s very much okay.

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