Efia Odo confuses Legon students with her seductive car washing antics

The theatrics actress and TV personality Efia Odo can adapt to attract all the attention in the world for herself is certainly unmatched, not even Moesha Buduong or Akuapem Poloo, who are known attention seekers get any closer.

Efia Odo yesterday, March 2, had her a game one when she proved at the forecourt of Pent Hall, University of Ghana, Legon, that she is the queen of all the slays in the country. Spotted in a very skimpy leggings shorts and a very seductive African themed bra to go with it, all eyes were certainly on Efia Odo.

Being one of the guest celebrities who was invited for the car washing activity at the Hall week celebration of Pent Hall, she got almost all the students gathered there dazzled as she seductively washed some of the cars which were parked for the event. Soaked in the foam and water, she was actually looking dripping hot.

I wished I could read the minds of some of the student to see what thought was running through their minds, lol.

Check out the video below:


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